New Pattern Aprés Ski from Striped Swallow Designs

8F584201-FE29-434E-8DCA-EA8993C2EFE7I had the opportunity to test a new pattern for Striped Swallow Designs  as part of their fancy sweatshirt collection this winter.  They have released some pretty great patterns this winter, and you should definetly check them all out.  However, this one is my favorite, and not just because I tested it.

Earlier this winter I actually wanted a fancy sweatshirt just like this one.  I hacked the Linden pattern from Grainline to make a shirt very similar to this.  I made it out of green ponte, and it was just like I imagined.   However, this pattern is better.  I was super excited when I saw the sample because I knew I would love it.

I am generally pretty enthusiastic when it comes to testing and probably make way more versions than i should, but I went overboard even for me on this one.  Also, I got to test the kids version too, which was a lot of fun.  I know what you are thinking…super cute Mommy and Me photos galore.  Unfortunately, my very independent two year old was not having it.

I did manage to get these two, and as you will see, we both have one out of that gray ponte, and one out of that black and white checked fabric.  However, we have been wearing them so much, the matching one was always in the laundry when we were taking pictures.

So for the kids pattern there is a shirt and tunic version.  They both feature the raglan exaggerated bishop sleeve. The tunic legnth hits right below the bum.  Although I would say that you should pay attention to the size charts and cut according to height.  Gema is pretty tall — she was squarely in the 2T size for width all around, but she measured at 4T for height, so I went ahead and cut the 2T size but then cut to the 4T length line for both versions.  I knew that this tunic would have been pretty short if i had cut a straight 2T.  But I feel like it is pretty perfect this way.  I also cut the sleeve length on the 3T line, just to sort of split the difference.

The shirt I also cut a 2T with a 4T length and the sleeves on the 3T length line.

The woman’s version also has a shirt and a tunic length.  I did not make any tunic versions, but there is a tutorial on the Striped Swallow Designs blog on how to mash up the Aprés Ski with the Stary Night Sweatshirt to make a dress version, and I did make a dress.

I made a straight XL in the shirt.

The dress I pretty much followed the blog instructions exactly, but I added 2” to the length.  I am 5’7 “ and so I am taller than Striped Swallow drafted height of 5’5”.  Also, I like my dresses a little closer to the knee.

All of the fabric for these I got from Joanns apparently so long ago it is no longer available, because I cannot find it on their website.  That blue fabric was on the sale table.  I first saw it and immediately wanted a shirt out of it, as it reminds me of a shirt my grandma used to wear when I was little.  However, I resisted because I had no idea what sort of shirt the fabric would work with. Then I saw this pattern and was like, that would be perfect!  Perhaps, slightly untraditional, but that one is my favorite.

If you can’t tell, I am a big fan of this shirt.  So, if you also want to make one, you can grab the pattern today from Striped Swallow Designs.


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