New Adventures

I have been working on a new venture for several months now, and I keep putting off actually launching it, partly because of fear of failure. However, I have everything lined up and am ready to go.  So, my new handmade doll line is going to go live on Monday!  It it terrifying to put my creations out there into the cyber world.  I have no idea if anyone will like them, or if anyone will want to buy one.  That fear of the unknown and fear of criticism keeps me from doing lots of things.  However, no more!  


I have recently gotten back into sewing.  I have also recently found the wondrous world of heirloom quality handmade dolls.  There are so many creative people out there!  I love it.  Gema has a pretty large collection of handmade dolls, all of which she could care less about, they really do not seem to entice her at all, but I keep hoping she will grow into them.  Anyway, I started working on my own pattern and playing around with creating my own dolls.  I have two different patterns, one with hair and one with fabric hair that is safer for smaller children.  I am launching my site – with the fabric hair dolls first and then I am going to add the second line hopefully in the next month.  


I am planning to make a small batch each week, probably alternating the two patterns and listing them for sale on the website on Monday nights.  Each doll is thoughtfully created and dressed by hand.  With lots of love and care going into each and every one.  
I know that there is a wide variety of handmade dolls being made out there, and there are tons that are way more creative and beautiful than mine, but I hope that my dolls can find homes that will love them and appreciate the care and time that went into making each one. Even if I never sell one, the effort that has gone into the process has helped me to find a creative outlet and I have learned how to take joy in the small details.  That is something that I have struggled with for a long time.  

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