Me Made

After I had Gema I started sewing again.  I learned to sew in 4-H and sewed several things in middle school and high school.  I was very impatient in high school and never did a very good job with the cutting and hemming and once I just taped my hem up and I wore it that way!!  My mom was always mortified every time I left the house in something I made, because she was very afraid that people would think she made it.  However, I was always pretty proud.  It is crazy how creating something yourself, gives you the pride of ownership and it gives you a little extra boost of confidence when you wear it.  

You know how when people go do those tipsy painting events (or whatever they are called in your town) -where you sit in a room and someone shows you the steps to painting something while you hang out with your friends and drink wine- and every time the class is over, everyone loves the painting THEY made?  That has always baffled me, because sometimes people post pictures on facebook and I am like, that looks terrible – but they are always so proud of their painting.  I think it is the process.  The process of overcoming your fears, or  your perceived weaknesses and creating something with your own hand.  That is the same idea with sewing.  A goal I have for this year is to make something new for myself to wear every month. I love wearing things I made, I feel like I stand a little taller when I wear it.  I feel like it makes me look a little better too.  Now, I am not a perfect seamstress and there are definitely flaws in every single thing i have ever made, but I still feel like it is awesome, because I MADE IT.  

I have been making a lot of Gema’s clothing too, and I love it when her daycare teacher tells me that they really like her shirt and they notice that it does not have a tag, and did I make that?  That makes me feel super great.  Now, I know that those same teachers are probably thinking, you could get a shirt just like that from target for $8 why on earth would you go to all that trouble?  That is a fair point.  However again, it is the process of making the shirt, or the dress, that makes it worth it.  The fact that I put in the time to connect with my daughter in that way.  There is definitely something magic to the artistic process.  

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