Making Memories

I needed to make cookies for a goodbye party for a friend.  My little girl is very in to “helping” these days, and I have been trying to include her in more of my daily tasks, so that she can feel like she is a part of what goes on in our house.  This is not always easy, as almost everything would go quicker if I did not include her, but it would not be as rewarding either.  For the cookie endeavor, I had visions of the two of us laughing while stiring a bowl of cookie dough, and my daughter artfully arranging sprinkles on the cookies — all while fun music played in the background.  The reality was far from that.   Which was mostly in my completely unrealistic expectations, as I of course mixed everything in my Kitchen-aid, who really mixes cookies with a spoon anyway?  Furthermore,  I did not even make any cookies requiring sprinkles.

I suppose everything could be improved with some sprinkles, but that is not the point.  The point is, we did make some memories.  Gema stood on the step stool and watched me put the ingredients into the mixer.  She laughed when I broke the eggs, every time. She begged to dump in the cups of flour.  And most of all, she LOVED taste testing the results.  I was really glad that I included her in the cookies.  There were less than enjoyable parts of the afternoon – the melt downs that ensued when i said that we had tested enough and the internal cringe that came when an entire cup of flour ended up on the floor was hard to control. Bright side, she is getting pretty good at using the brush to sweep things into the dustpan these days.

Once we had the cookies mixed and on pans waiting to go into the oven, we would sit on the floor and “watch” them cook through the oven door, (one of her favorite things to do, side note: I really need to teach her about the concept of a watched pot never boiling.)  while she sat on my lap and enjoyed her sample from the pan that just came out of the oven.  THOSE are the memories I will remember, not my frustration over the flour on the fl0or.

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